Are you working the S.M.A.R.T. Way?

Working SMART - Goal SettingAs the busy summer season gets under way there will be a lot of time and energy put into each and every project taken on. There is a down fall to this as often times we can begin to feel drained, or burnt out. However, there is a way to avoid reaching those such feelings, and that is by working the smart way!!

What is the smart way you ask…well let’s take a look! Below is the 5 step plan to get you on the smart way path.

Specific The first step in the plan is being very specific with what you want! Make a vision board, or jot your goals down, but make sure that you are being very specific with each goal. For example, if there is a desired salary, job position, or specific number of listings/closings you want to make write it all down where you can see it every day. Keep your specifics in plain sight to keep the information fresh and forefront in your mind.

Measure – Next, take a long look at the goals you have specified, and make note of what you’ll need to do to obtain those goals. Measure your progress as time passed to endure you are on track in reaching your goals.

Accountability Making sure you are staying accountable for your goals is super important! This will ensure that you continue to drive forward during the tough times. If you feel you may need some extra help in this area tell a friend about your goals, and ask them to be your accountability partner.

Rewards – What have you done in the past, and what are you going to do moving forward when reaching the specifics covered in the first step above? Reward yourself! Yes, when you reach a goal that you have set for yourself it’s important to remember to take a step back, give yourself a pat on the back, and celebrate that victory with rewarding yourself. Plus, this will serve as a motivator to help reach that specific goal when you know you will be rewarding yourself with something you have been wanting for a while!

Time Management – When our days seem to run together it’s imperative that we practice excellent time management so that we are not letting things fall through the cracks. Be sure to plan for the day ahead by scheduling out your day, and adhere to it! You are your time’s keeper so take charge!

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