WFG National Title Insurance

Foundation title is a policy issuing agent for WFG National Title Insurance Company.

WFG National Title Insurance Company

Williston Financial Group, LLC was formed in late 2009 to acquire various businesses in the title insurance and real estate settlement services industry. Since then, Williston has acquired WFG Lender Services (formerly known as New Millennium Title Group, LLC), a provider of title, closing and settlement services for mortgage lenders nationwide (January 2010); WFG National Title Insurance (formerly known as TransUnion National Title Insurance Company), a title insurance underwriter incorporated in 1974 and currently licensed in 44 states and DC (February 2010); WFG Title Insurance Company (formerly known as TransUnion Title Insurance Company), a California title insurance underwriter incorporated in 1925 (March 2010); and WFG National Title Company of Washington (formerly Northpoint Escrow and Title LLC), an established title, escrow and settlement services company in Washington (July 2011).

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