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Foundation Title is proud to be an Agent for AmTrust Title Insurance Company.

AmTrust Title Insurance Company

An AmTrust Financial Company

AmTrust Title Insurance Company is the embodiment of its founders’ collective belief that its focus on capital strength, capital defense, and capital accumulation is the foundation for market continuity for its agents, and that the customer- focused, collaborative marketing might of its agents is the capstone.

AmTrust Title Insurance Company is here to protect your investment. Our core function in the real estate transaction is to protect all parties involved – starting with you.

Title Insurance – You can count on it! The roiling recent past of the housing industry pointed up why lenders have always insisted on title insurance for their loans. You should do the same to protect your interest!

Your first line of protection against loss is an Owners Policy of title insurance and an Insured Closing Protection letter from AmTrust Title.

View AmTrust Financial’s most recent A.M. Best’s Rating Report.

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