Spotlight: Investing in Real Estate, One Lead at a Time

Real estate professional Shena Taylor may have one foot in Chicago (and license) and the other in Florida, but she wants to broadcast to the world that many of the people who think they aren’t qualified to buy a home or investment property, really can.

In fact, she’s poised to launch a radio show to discuss this topic—and more.

“Since being selected to host a real estate talk show on Digital TV, I need to spend my time on my clients, rather than looking for them,” says Taylor. “That’s where comes in.”

Taylor, of S. Taylor Real Estate, says she and two broker associates will use the platform to discuss the challenges faced by consumers and Realtors® today. A huge proponent of’s Rental Connect and Local Connect, Taylor notes that one of the segments will focus on how has worked for her.

Having learned about from a friend when she branched out into the Florida market, Taylor can’t say enough about the business has generated for her in her local markets.

“I get a lot of work from So much in fact that I don’t have to do any farming at all. And almost every time I sell or rent to one of those clients, I get another referral,” says Taylor, who explains that she typically gets four to five leads a day. “All I have to do is call them and follow-up.”

While she was a bit apprehensive to jump on board in the beginning, Taylor hasn’t looked back since making the decision to partner with

“Something about the program made me try it, and I’ve been getting lead after lead after lead,” says Taylor, all of which are viable leads with credit and income workable to rent or purchase. “No one wants to pay for leads that can’t close.”

In addition, Taylor notes that’s referral game is nothing short of strong. “When I refer clients through, they truly value the level of attentiveness they receive.”

As the Florida and Chicago markets continue to heat up, Taylor is poised for success well into the future.

“I recently closed a referral I was working with through, and I’m currently working with five new clients (at press time),” says Taylor. “My leads afford me the time required to work for each client as opposed to working to find clients. In addition, I’ve referred three real estate professionals so far who are not only making money, but are very pleased with”

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Source: FTNJ

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