Marketing Your Neighborhood

We all have that one neighborhood that we like to target.  If you don’t already have your neighborhood profiled on one of your web pages, you should give it some consideration.  This is a great way to show your potential clients that you are knowledgeable in their area.  Potential buyers researching different neighborhoods appreciate a thorough profile so they can see if it is a match for their family.

So how do you create the perfect profile?  Read on and we’ll tell you how.

Do Your Homework

Gather up market values of homes in that neighborhood that goes on the market.  Study their floor plans so you can become familiar with the most common layouts of all the homes in the area as well as any features that may stand out in certain types of homes.

Get to Know the Area

Is there shopping or parks nearby?  Take a tour of the area and visit the local businesses, frequent the restaurants in the area and really get to know the people there.  Find out what types of festivals or parties that occur in the neighborhood and when they are.  Does the neighborhood have a crime watch program and do they have meetings?  Not just potential buyers will be interested in this information, your recent buyers will want to know this as well.

Create Some Media

Everyone likes to see where they are going to live.  Take plenty of photos during different times of the year.  If the neighborhood has a focal point, such as a tower or gazebo that is decorated throughout the year, take photos of that as well.

Create a video tour of the area featuring some historic places, playgrounds, dog parks, or farmer’s markets to give your potential buyers a more realistic feel for the area.

Put it All Together

Use your photos and videos along with all of the neighborhood information that you have gathered and create a web page with it.  To ensure the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo find and index your page so people can find it, be sure to use the proper keywords in your write up.

Keywords are words or phrases that people use to search for things online.  If someone is looking for your neighborhood, they may use the name of the subdivision they are looking for or just the city name.  You should decide on just two or three key words or phrases that they may use and repeat them throughout your site.  For example, you could use Fox Glen, Fox Glen Real Estate, and Fox Glen Luxury Homes throughout your neighborhood profile write up.  Don’t use these words too often that it makes it too difficult for your potential buyers read and fully grasp what you are trying to tell them about the neighborhood.  Strategically placing them in your page more than once, but where they make sense, not only conveys what you want to say to buyers, but also helps the search engines know that when Joe is searching for information on Fox Glen, they can pull the page up in their results.

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