Giving a Word of Advice To Your Seller

agent-handshakeSellers often get wrapped up in the whirlwind of selling their house, they sometimes lack realistic expectations for their house, or they are still on the fence about whether to sell or not to sell. As their agent, it’s imperative to arm the seller with information that will ease their mind, and give them confidence as they list their home. Below are 3 helpful hints that are sure to ease the sellers mind.

1)  It is a buyers’ market right now! The weather is nicer which means buyers are jumping at the opportunity to house hunt. They are no longer being kept in by the cold weather so take advantage of the opportunity! Another great reason to list now is that interest rates are still low which speaks volumes to buyers.

2)  Price the home to sell! Make sure the home is being listed as a realistic price. There is always that “magic” number that sellers want to obtain from their house, but sometimes it’s just not realistic. If the home is priced to high the seller is going to be sitting on the listing versus pricing the home to sell and selling within a couple months. Keep in mind that ultimately the buyers are who decide what the home is worth base on what their willing to pay.

3)  Don’t rely on bidding!  It’s great to have open houses to get more people in the home to see all the great features the home offers, but fact of that matter is that in this market we aren’t seeing multiples offers come in from the open houses. There may only be one offer that comes in. Don’t shoot it down hoping to get a higher bid as that one may be the best for all parties involved. Again, take the offer to heart as the goal is to sell the home, and not to sit on it!

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