Creating an Outstanding Listing Presentation Part 1

Real Estate is a competitive market and you work hard to build your business. With more and more people searching online for their next home, you need to have your listings stand out among all the others. This week is the first of a two-part blog to help you make your listings shine.

Let’s start from the beginning:

Research the property you are going to sell.  Make sure you know everything about the property and the seller before you place your listing.

  • Get details from tax records
  • Do an internet search for the property address
  • Dig up any old listings you find in the MLS
  • Gather current marketing statistics for the seller
  • Show the client examples of your other listing presentations
  • Have the seller make small repairs before you take photographs of the home
  • Contact your photographer and set up an appointment

Show why your client should have you list their home.  Make yourself stand out from the others.

  • Treat every client the same regardless of what type of home they are selling
  • Smile and have a positive attitude.
  • Don’t bad mouth your competition
  • Encourage your potential clients to check out other agents
  • Don’t dress frumpy, but do dress for the occasion. Dress up if you are meeting in a more formal place or casual if you are just meeting over coffee

After listing the home, prepare for the open house.

  • Greet every potential client and spend time listening to their needs
  • Make sure you have plenty of professionally make handouts of the home
  • Set up any appointments with interested buyers’ agents


Check back next week to learn more.

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